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If corruption steals our country's wealth and we are silent, it's our own fault. But we must really feel ashamed when they also steal the futures of our children, and we remain Silent!
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Corruption Is Education Development Enemy #1 In Indonesia

"Fight Corruption, Develop Democracy In Schools"
(Anti-Corruption Program A La MoE)

(New Program) "Sekolah Harapan (School of Hope), Schools Free From Corruption" and a discussion about "Fighting Corruption, Develop Democracy in Our Schools". Wednesday, 9th of February, 1pm in Building A Level III, Ministry of Education, Jakarta. Speakers : Fasli Jalal (Deputy Minister), Teten Masduki (SecGen TII), Ani Sutjipto (Fisip UI), Gino Vanollie (Kadis pendidikan Way Kanan), Ade Manadin (Principal Tegal Gede 2-Garut) : Information from Pak Edi Subkhan.

STRATEGY: Repeat an Old Program (SBM from the 1990s) that the MoE has failed dismally to implement in schools at the national level till the present, which is possibly due to the fact that "Corruption occurs at all levels including the MoE, Regional Education Offices, and Schools" (ICW) "District Education Offices have become the institutions that are most corrupt, and are the largest source of corrupt individuals compared to other institutions." (ICW: 5 Years Analysis of Eradicating Corruption in Education).

The School-Based Management (SBM) System which is Excellent, can only be implemented effectively at the national level by a Central Management (MoE) that is "Clean" and "Professional" (Main Roles being; Planning, Coordination, Diligent Monitoring, and especially Protect the Program so that Budgets do not just become the Victims of Further Corruption), which is Implemented by the Regional Education Offices that are "Clean", "Dedicated", and "Professional" (Free from Corruption and ready Mentally to Support the Schools).

How could we possibly hope to successfully implement SBM as a strategy for addressing corruption before we begin to eliminate the curruption at the MoE and the Regional Education Offices? We believe that this new project is just another indicator that the MoE is still not serious about reducing or eliminating corruption in our education sector.

From the response to my question to the panel on Wednesday which included the Deputy Minister of Education Mr. Fasli Jalal, "When are we going to begin to reduce the corruption at the Ministry of Education and the Regional Education Offices?" - which wasn't answered, I could only assume that the question couldn't be answered (or noone was willing to try to answer the question). However, this is the most important issue if the MoE is ever really serious about reducing corruption in the education sector.

We believe that this new program (that really isn't new) only appears to be yet another concept that without addressing the corruption within the MoE and the Regional Education Offices beforehand can not be perceived as a serious solution for corruption at the national level. Evenmore, if it becomes a "project" it may even open-up new opportunites for large-scale curruption if the MoE doesn't effectively monitor and manage the budget.

Education Enemy #1In Indonesia the common term for corrupt individuals is "rats" (tikus). If we only engage in activities at the "small rat" level (Schools - That are also Victims), the large rats will certainly be happy because they also know that serious corruption reduction can not be achieved at the school level without first improving management and reducing corruption at the MoE and Regional Education Offices. So the task will be endless, and the "Big Rats" will continue to remain undisturbed.

Can working at the school level possibly be effective for addressing the key issue; "District Education Offices have become the institutions that are most corrupt, and are the largest source of corrupt individuals compared to other institutions."?
ICW: (5 Year Analysis of Corruption in Education)

If a school that is attempting to eliminate corruption in their school wants to resist or report corruption at the MoE or Regional Education Offices, who do they report to?

This is the main problem - Lack of Mangerial Support.

Phillip Rekdale (Jakarta)
P.S. When I began this network of websites (approx 150 sites) anti-corruption wasn't on my agenda. However, corruption tends to undermine whatever we atttempt to achieve in the field : Article

Why did we create Anti-Corruption Corner Website?

Firstly, we want to support the Government's Anti-Corruption Policy.

Secondly, we at Pendidikan (Education) Network receive questions every day asking ""why does education continue to become more expensive but the quality doesn't appear to improve".

Many people believe that they understand the problems and frequently provide solutions, for example:

  • Schools and Universities have to reduce their prices - How is this possible? In fact education in this country is already relatively cheap especially compared to other countries, and we need to improve upon the existing quality.

  • Change the system - Change the system a 1000 times and there will be no significant effect because the system is not the problem, the system is just a scapegoat.

  • Change to religious-based education - If this is the solution why do the majority of students seeking better quality education go to Western countries?

  • Raise the skills of our teachers - With the very low salary levels, and an atmosphere that certainly doesn't inspire, any development in this area is extremely limited.

We are continually discussing issues which in fact are just side issues, while the real problem is corruption. The issues raised above are certainly not the main issues. Corruption eats away up to 30% of the total national budget, does this include all "price markups" and the salaries of non-productive public servants, we think not!

"Wow... Indonesia Most Corrupt, Singapore Cleanest"

"The Government must prioritize their anti-corruption agenda. What sector will be cleaned up first? If you want the results from a good survey, address service to the business sector. Government, please not just another verbal committment," said Danang. (MON/ANA)

Re: "What sector will be cleaned up first?"

Hopefully The MoE and their Regional Offices!

"KPK Asks The MoE To Privide Anti-Corruption Education"

Isn't this extremely ironic?

It's not school children who are corrupting!

They are amongst the victims!

(And really understand the problems of corruption, yes?)

Not the thieves that are being educated, but the victims!


Who really needs the education (or action)?
(The MoE)

Corrupt Officials Are Busy Stealing At The Office


"KPK Are Anti-Corruption Campaigning At The Malls"


Is it so that they don't disturb the corruption???

Come On KPK, Let's Get Serious!

Apparently many regions still cant hear our President's words!
"President: Dont Let There Be Any More Schools In Poor Repair"

"School Roof Collapss, 10 Students Injured"

"Trauma, Students and Teachers Still Utilize Their Collapsed School"

"Old SD Inpres Buildings Need Renovation"

Are we waiting for another disaster like in Haiti before the Ministry of Education will get serious about the safety of our children and teachers in schools?
(Haiti: "82 Students Die In Collapsed School")
More Info Ambruk.Com

Is the problem of collapsing schools related to corruption?

Maybe We Can Learn From Iraq and China!

"Iraq Dismisses 62,000 Because Of Corruption"

"881,000 Officials In China Are Being Prosecuted"

Why can't Indonesia take similar action?

Journal of Education Network Indonesia

In a wealthy country, like Indonesia, education should be free till the end of High School (funds provided by the government). Education is the most important issue in a developing country. If our natural resources were well managed, and with fertile soil everywhere, we should be one of the richest countries in Southeast Asia. But if we look at the issue of education, our citizens are continually crying-out for scholarships and educational financial support like beggars in the street.

In the 70s and 80s the quality of education in Indonesia and Malaysia was very similar and in fact a number of Indonesian teachers were taken to Malaysia to assist their education program. Now the education in Malaysia is amongst the best in the world, however, Indonesia hasn't progressed and now the cost of even low quality education is becoming beyond the reach of the majority of Indonesian citizens.

We can discuss many other issues but we cannot hope for any significant progress until education receives an allocation of at least 20% of the national budget and is "free from the greedy hands of corruption".

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"Corruption Virus We Must Find A Cure" - Virus?
Not A Pack Of Thieves That Need Arresting?
Please Read!

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"Indonesia, The Country That Always Looses"

Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi Republik Indonesia
Library and Anti-Corruption Corner

Read the following and add your voice:
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Enemy of Public Morals

Corruption and Public Morals
Everyday we read and hear comments about issues of morality in Indonesia. One of the most frequent comments is that the morals of our children are being destroyed by pornography and gambling. However, only a relatively few people are exposed to pornography and gambling, and usually it is by choice. Pornography and gambling are present in all countries. What is the truth?

Enemy of Education

Corruption and Education
Every day we (Pendidikan Network) receive tens of requests for scholarships and educational financial assistance from Indonesian students. The number of requests always greatly increases during the months from June to October, when the students are starting the new school year. Also many students protest about the increasing costs of education being beyond their financial means. Why do our citizens need to behave like beggars?

Enemy of Human Resources

Corruption and Human Resources (HRD)
The situation in Indonesia relating to human resources is one of the saddest and most distressing issues. Even though parents may work 24 hours per day so that their children can get a university education, this doesn't guarantee that they will get an opportunity to obtain satisfying employment unless they have connections (nepotism) or lots of money to buy their way into employment.

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Corruption - Our Forum
The most important step to begin to overcome corruption in Indonesia is your participation. Believe it or not, this country will free itself from the oppression of corruption and the heroes who will free us are ordinary citizens like you. No more "Corruption Watch" only. It sounds very much like "NATO" (No Action Talk Only) but NAWO (No Action Watch Only). We have to struggle and fight this enemy! Ok, let's participate!

Education Network Indonesia
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